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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Inpage Review:

 It is primarily used for creating pages in the language of Urdu.InPage [commonly known as InPage Urdu also] is an industry standard Page Making software for Urdu and related languages, Since its introduction in 1994, InPage has been used for a wide variety of publishing requirements ranging from heavy duty page layouts for Newspapers, Magazines, and Books etc. to some rather simple designs for brochures and greeting cards.

How to register inpage software:

Download inpage software below.Extract it.Click on HASP Driver,a small window will popup just click yes.Now Click on Inpage setyp and install.Restart your window.Now you can use it full version.

Express Account:

Express Account is an accounting software and is used in small buisness.It is an alternative of Excel.
You can save the records of dailly Receipts,Sales,Purchased and Payments.

Features of Express Account are:

1.Set up and manage one or multiple companies.
2.Track out going payment and Purchasing transactions.
3.Track incoming sales and receipts.
4.Input journal entries manually.
5.Reports include balance sheet and profit and loss plus more.
6.Regional format settings include currency symbol,end of finiancial year,decimal display point and paper size.
7.Send reports autometically by email or fax.

How to shut down your computer in just one second?

Hello guys,
        This is my first article,I hope you will like it.Ok lets start
What is the need to shutdown our computer urgently.Some times ,we urgent have to go out  and we have no extra time to shut down our computer completely.Some applications talking so much time for closing.I m going to to tell you how to shut down your system imediately just in one second with this small application.And the interesting thing is that this is freeware application.You wont need to buy forever.This application size is only 300kb.You can download this applicaton below .